Meet our Leadership

Serena Prammanasudh, Executive Director


Serena got involved with DAOK in 2013, but she never expected to become the volunteer Executive Director. She feels that her purpose in this role is to empower youth to become effective leaders and relentless community organizers. Besides the fact that DAOK is family, what motivates her to dedicate time to DAOK’s mission is watching leaders grow and become more self-aware and confident in their own skills and in their own skin. She sees the tangible impact DAOK is making in the community and has never felt more invested in the fight for justice for all as she does now. Seeing the DAOK team fulfilling its potential has reinforced the idea that one cannot underestimate the determination of woke and passionate young people to fight against oppressive, dehumanizing systems for a more just world, free from mass incarceration & mass deportations.

Through her involvement with DAOK, she has grown into herself and will always remember involvement with DAOK as a life-shaping experience. When she’s not working as an Immigration Specialist at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, teaching Freshman Gateway courses, or scheming with her DAOK family, she’s a member of the dance team “Candela”, loves to run and do yoga, travel, cook, and eat.

“Serena works day and night for DAOK and has made an impact on many people around her. Truly a hard worker and passionate leader.”-Amanda, Communications Director

“The best way to describe Serena would be detailed determination, she brings that to DAOK her passion to fight beside her team and her drive to reach out and make sure the community feels that support is essential to those around her. Serena continues to build bridges for the organization, the community and all of us lucky to be part of her team.”- Cynthia, Deportation Defense Director

“Serena is the epitome of chingona–she’s fierce, enduring, and a compassionate person. She has brought much organizational structure to DAOK and her Spanish slang only keeps improving because of the team.”-Judith, DAOK Board Member

Contact Serena if you’re interested in joining the DAOK team!

José Rubio, Outreach & Advocacy Director


José’s main focus with DAOK is working on outreach, recruiting people to do outreach and making sure our community knows who we are and what we do. He helps in Deportation Defense with the Know Your Rights presentations and DACA Clinics. In line with all of this, he also assists with Financials. But….he also loves art, cooking, drawing, painting and being creative! He works at Chase Bank and goes to school at UCO for Marketing and Economics. Jose is planning on going to law school right after and get a Master’s then a Doctorate degree. He loves politics and plans to run for office one day!

“José is a hardworking, charismatic leader passionate about making a difference in the community, and this is part of the reason why I’ve stayed with DAOK.”-Sara, Relations Lead
“José is a young, sharp, dashing young man.”- Memo, Outreach Coordinator
“José is the most hardworking, passionate person I have ever met. He always wants to help and has the knowledge of a library.”-Joel, Training Lead

Contact Jose if you’re interested in joining the Outreach & Advocacy team!

Guillermo Hernandez, Outreach Coordinator


Guillermo Hernandez was born in Oklahoma City. He attends college at OSU-OKC. Guillermo has been the Outreach Coordinator for Dream Action Oklahoma since February 2018. He plans to create DAOK chapters at high schools and colleges where the students will be helped with applying to colleges, getting college paid for, becoming involved in civic engagement and creating a safe space for students to tell their stories. He also reaches out to other organizations and companies to try and get a partnership/sponsorship.

“Guillermo has always been really helpful and willing to put his body in the line to fight for justice. He truly is a freedom fighter and a hard worker,” Amanda, Comms Director
“Memo has not only become an amazing leader but he has also become an amazing friend for a lot of us, He has done something for others that many us do want to do yet he has no reason to do and he still does.” Jose, Advocacy and Outreach Director

Contact Memo Hernandez if you’re interested in volunteering for the DAOK!

Ricardo Chavez, DACA Clinic Coordinator


Ricardo’s main focus with DAOK is working on DACA Clinics, coordinating logistics, and reaching out to the community to inform, educate, and promote our DACA Clinics . He helps in Deportation Defense with the Know Your Rights presentations and DACA Clinics. In line with all of this, he also assists with fundraising. But….he also enjoys educating, mobilizing, and empowering his community — specifically empowering the LGBT community. His hobbies include volunteering, playing with his dog (his name’s Lobo), and doing makeup. He works at Famous Footwear and goes to school at OCCC and plans to major in Pre-Med and Allied Health, all while also attending High School. Ricardo is planning on going to a 4-year University and then Med-school right after. He loves helping people and being able to heal those around him. He plans to one day become a Chief of General Surgery within a surgery program at a top-tier hospital.

“When Ricardo first came to our clinics as a volunteer I saw his hunger for change and the leadership potential he possesses, as he continues to grow with the organization I cannot help but to feel pride and respect for the lessons he teaches those around him, he seeks for truth and makes his path on roads that are not the easiest to travel. He commits, he aims to achieve and excel. The future of the organization and community are brighter when you encounter individuals like him that strive to upbring their community and his loved ones.
Stay Golden, Never Change Ricky! -Cynthia, Deportation Defense Director.

“Ricardo has been a breath of fresh air for DAOK. He’s really the epitome of a blossoming flower: we instantly saw his potential as a DACA clinic volunteer, and now he’s running the clinics and is an integral part of all of our campaigns and projects. Somehow he’s done all of this with DAOK while finishing high school, going to college, and working. We are honored to work with him and know DAOK is only stronger and more sustainable because of him.” – Serena, Executive Director.

Contact Ricardo if you’re interested in volunteering for the DACA Renewal Clinics!

Guillermo Martinez, Design Coordinator

Guillermo Martinez was born in Oaxaca, Mexico. He graduated from East Central University in Ada, OK. Guillermo has been the Design Coordinator for Dream Action Oklahoma since August 2017. He provides graphics for DAOK’s clinics, events, and special projects as well as informing and educating our community through his story. He inspires other dreamers to keep fighting to reach their dreams.
“Guillermo is always lending a helpful hand and has amazing graphic skills. Even when something is needed last minute, he has it done and still asks what more could he do. He is always willing to help his community out in any way possible. While he may seem shy, do not let that mislead you. Guille is a badass!” Amanda, Comms Director.


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